Backyard Ball Cover

Order NowWiffleball is a game most all of us have played, as kids or adults. I started playing wiffleball when I was a kid growing up on Cape Cod.  I have thousands of memories of long summer afternoons playing with my dad and my ‘summer’ friends. 

As inevitably happens, I moved on to other things.  Then in 2006, I went to The World Baseball Classics at Petco Field in San Diego.  Tucked in the outfield was a beautiful wiffleball field full of little kids.   Memories came flooding back. I was determined to hang on to them.   

I came home and build a wiffleball field in my backyard.  After a few summers, that wasn’t cutting it so I sold my house and moved to a new one with a yard that had the room to build my dream wiffleball Stadium. My gem was Little Ebbets Field, a replica of Ebbets Field.  I built the majority of the field myself.  The project was actually featured on NECN and in The Boston Globe. 

My family and I went on to host thousands of games, tournaments and charity events.

I wanted to share my story, so I wrote the book Backyard Ball.  This is a fun, how-to book filled with images, stories and more about a dozen years I spent playing Wiffle Ball and Building Fields.  Start your backyard fun today!