Wiffle Ball is the game we all played as kids, and some of us kept on playing or rediscovered it at some point as we got older. Wiffle Ball was not necessarily a Wiffle Ball and a Wiffle Ball Bat, it was any backyard baseball, that wasn’t played with an actual baseball. To most of us that is any game played in the yard with a plastic bat and ball. All these products have there own brands, brand names, for which we respect and call out during every review.

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“Wiffle” is the registered trademark of the “Wiffle Ball Company, Inc.” This site or business is not associated with the Wiffle Ball Company. 

If you have any questions, concerns or would like us to review your products please visit the contact us page. As the former owner of 2 Wiffle Ball Stadiums, the ballpark at Lake Gardiner and Little Ebbets Field, add in running several leagues and countless tournaments, I have had over 10,000 Wiffle Ball At Bats and played in thousands of games. My reviews are not paid for, they are from real experiences.