Easton Pro Stix 1000 – Wiffle Ball Bat Review

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The Easton Pro Stix 1000 was the most popular bat at Little Ebbets Field. The look, feel, pop, ability to customize just enough and price point made this bat a favorite bat for many of the players.  

The Easton Pro Stix 1000 is a plastic bat, 33 inches long. 

Look and Feel – The Easton Pro Stix 1000, is 33 inches long, it only comes in the color black and has a wood grain finish. They label and “pine tar” ring is painted in gold. The bat has a nice knob at the end of the handle and a perfect taper to make this product feel like a bat. The handle is not too thin, but not thick enough where you can’t customize it a bit.

This product feels like a real bat.  

Durability and Construction – This bat is fairly rigid, it is made from a hard non-flexible plastic. If you are playing with Wiffle Balls only, this bat will last multiple seasons in my experience. I still own several that are 7+ years old. 

However, if you prefer a harder ball, such as a Stee Rike Three training ball, a blitz ball, then this bat will flat over time. Although I never have seen them crack (mainly because we would tape the) they would flatten and basically become a paddle over the course of several weeks.  

Customization Possibilities – We added two things to every Easton Pro Stix 1000, a leather grip, I disliked plastic handles. We wrote our name, added our number and some crazy saying on the bats. If we were hitting the harder balls I would tape the sweet spot with basic non-gloss electrical tape. This kept the bat in good condition for several weeks. Although we would tape the bat for regular wiffle ball as well, I am not sure it added anything extra to the performance. 

We also spray painted the bat which added a cool effect, for example, we had a brown one we called, the “Bonds Bat” because Barry Bonds had the brown maple bat. We had a white bat for Craig Biggio. The  Bonds Bat would always be my go-to bat when I needed a hit. 

We tried to “cork” this bat with a dowel, and also stuffed it with paper to see if it would add to its durability with the harder balls. We found that drilling a hole in the top of the bat ruined that plastics integrity and actually had a negative effect.  

Performance – The performance of the Easton Pro Stix 1000 was outstanding. It has an extended sweet spot and was good for all type of hitters. I have seen regular wiffle balls crushed over 175 feet with this bat. My last 2 years playing on Little Ebbets Field I never used any other bat during game conditions. 

Cost – Typically I have seen this bat cost anywhere from $6 – $14 dollars depending on where you buy it. The bat does come with a ball, which I review here. In short, this is a very hard plastic ball that we never used in game situations. At this price point, it is hard to beat the overall durability and performance. 

Total Bat Score:   22

  1. Look and Feel – 5
  2. Durability and Construction – 4
  3. Customization Possibilities – 3
  4. Performance – 5
  5. Cost – 5 

You can buy the Easton Pro Stix Training Set by clicking this link. 

Easton Pro Stix Training Set