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Easton Pro Stix 1000 – Wiffle Ball Bat Review

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The Easton Pro Stix 1000 was the most popular bat at Little Ebbets Field. The look, feel, pop, ability to customize just enough and price point made this bat a favorite bat for many of the players.  

The Easton Pro Stix 1000 is a plastic bat, 33 inches long. 

Look and Feel – The Easton Pro Stix 1000, is 33 inches long, it only comes in the color black and has a wood grain finish. They label and “pine tar” ring is painted in gold. The bat has a nice knob at the end of the handle and a perfect taper to make this product feel like a bat. The handle is not too thin, but not thick enough where you can’t customize it a bit.

This product feels like a real bat.  

Durability and Construction – This bat is fairly rigid, it is made from a hard non-flexible plastic. If you are playing with Wiffle Balls only, this bat will last multiple seasons in my experience. I still own several that are 7+ years old. 

However, if you prefer a harder ball, such as a Stee Rike Three training ball, a blitz ball, then this bat will flat over time. Although I never have seen them crack (mainly because we would tape the) they would flatten and basically become a paddle over the course of several weeks.  

Customization Possibilities – We added two things to every Easton Pro Stix 1000, a leather grip, I disliked plastic handles. We wrote our name, added our number and some crazy saying on the bats. If we were hitting the harder balls I would tape the sweet spot with basic non-gloss electrical tape. This kept the bat in good condition for several weeks. Although we would tape the bat for regular wiffle ball as well, I am not sure it added anything extra to the performance. 

We also spray painted the bat which added a cool effect, for example, we had a brown one we called, the “Bonds Bat” because Barry Bonds had the brown maple bat. We had a white bat for Craig Biggio. The  Bonds Bat would always be my go-to bat when I needed a hit. 

We tried to “cork” this bat with a dowel, and also stuffed it with paper to see if it would add to its durability with the harder balls. We found that drilling a hole in the top of the bat ruined that plastics integrity and actually had a negative effect.  

Performance – The performance of the Easton Pro Stix 1000 was outstanding. It has an extended sweet spot and was good for all type of hitters. I have seen regular wiffle balls crushed over 175 feet with this bat. My last 2 years playing on Little Ebbets Field I never used any other bat during game conditions. 

Cost – Typically I have seen this bat cost anywhere from $6 – $14 dollars depending on where you buy it. The bat does come with a ball, which I review here. In short, this is a very hard plastic ball that we never used in game situations. At this price point, it is hard to beat the overall durability and performance. 

Total Bat Score:   22

  1. Look and Feel – 5
  2. Durability and Construction – 4
  3. Customization Possibilities – 3
  4. Performance – 5
  5. Cost – 5 

You can buy the Easton Pro Stix Training Set by clicking this link. 

Easton Pro Stix Training Set

By Tom Hannon

Builder of two Wiffle Ball Fields, The Ball Park At Lake Gardner and Little Ebbets Field. Author of a book of backyard ball and Little Ebbets Field.

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