My Wiffle Ball Bat Reviews are for any bat is any plastic or aluminum bat designed to hit plastic balls roughly the size of a baseball. There’s not much more frustrating than wasting your time paying for a bat that doesn’t perform and has limited durability. These bats can cost $2 – $200 each. You can waste lots of time trying to customize or modify a bat and not get any extra performance.

As the former owner of 2 Wiffle Ball Stadiums, The Ballpark at Lake Gardner and Little Ebbets Field, add in running several leagues and countless tournaments, I have had over 10,000 Wiffle Ball At Bats and the one thing I loved to do was hit. Over the past 14 years, I have searched out any plastic bat I could find to test out. I was a crash test dummy for any bat I could find. No matter what store I would go into, the first thing I looked for was plastic bats and balls, to see if something new had come out. I checked amazon and other websites all the time. When we played tournaments we always looked at other peoples equipment. 

I wanted to have the best equipment for my fields, teams and myself. My bats are all battle tested and most, (If worthy) have seen a thousand games and were used by hundreds of other hitters. They all have hit, Wiffle Balls, Solid Wiffle Balls, Jugs Bull Dog Balls, Poly Balls, Quick Balls, Stree Rike Three Balls, Pro Stix Ball, and Blitz Balls.    

My Wiffle Ball Bat Reviews are for the: Easton Pro Stix, Moonshot Bat, Wiffle Ball Bat, Ripken Quick Ball Bat, Louisville C271 (Ken Griffey Jr) Bat, Blitz Ball Bat, Aluminum Wiffle Ball Bat, Screwball Bat (and their various versions), Junk Ball, and the Nerf Swerve. (PS – there may be more) 

They include:

Look and Feel

Durability and Construction

Customization Possibilities



Each Wiffle Ball Bat review has a short video, a rating for each category each bat in each category with a 1-5, 1 is the worst, 5 is the best and then there will be a total score for each bat.    



Wiffle Ball is the game we all played as kids, and some of us kept on playing or rediscovered it at some point as we got older. Wiffle BAll was not necessarily a Wiffle Ball and a Wiffle Ball Bat, it was any backyard baseball, that wasn’t played with an actual baseball. To most of us that is any game played in the yard with a plastic bat and ball. All these products have there own brands, brand names, for which we respect and call out during every review. Some products will have a link, the link is called an affiliate link, so if you click on the link this business receives a small commission. “Wiffle” is the registered trademark of the “Wiffle Ball Company, Inc.” This site or business is not associated with the Wiffle Ball Company.