Stee Rike Three – Hard Wiffle Balls


The Stee Rike Three Training (Wiffle Ball) has 2 distinct ball types that comes in its package. There are 6-7 white training balls. They have 6 holes on each side, and they are a pure ball with limited if any curve to them naturally. I love this ball for pitching machine use because it is going to go exactly where you point it and let you have a great batting practice. 

The balls themselves are made up of a much harder plastic than the standard wiffle ball and I have found them to be very durable over time. We have used the Stee Rike Three ball mainly for batting practice once we moved from The Ball Park At Lake Gardner to Little Ebbets Field. We used this ball with the Juggs Lite Flite Pitching Machine and the Juggs Toss Machine all the time, it was more fun to hit than the juggs poly ball because it went farther and the ball came out true almost all the time. 

The negative about the ball is it is hard, so catching them without a glove or a batting glove can definitely cause you some discomfort. If you get hit with a batted ball you are going to know about it. So little kids are not advised to be on the field when this is in use.  I never hit this ball with a wood bat or an aluminum baseball bat, they claim it will withstand that use. I am not sure if that is the case. Our Wiffle Ball Aluminum bats occasionally dented the training balls. 

The ball itself rarely breaks anywhere but the middle section, which it will if used allot over the course of a season.   

This ball will take a toll on your bats, it will flatten and break most plastic bats over time. The effects are seen typically within 100 – 125 swings. The payoff is the ball goes a lot further than a wiffle ball. I would recommend customizing your bats if you plan to use this bat.  

This set also comes with a stee rike three “Curve Ball”, this is a red or yellow ball with, holes on one half of the ball, a dimpled side and a small hole on the solid side. It is a hard ball and goes significantly farther when hit well than the training ball. It also has a really good bit on it if pitched. 

The same all holds true for this ball as written above for the training ball. It is a hardball, that is not for little kids. It will damage a normal Wiffle Ball Bat very quickly. It is not a great ball to use for the pitching machines because it is inconsistent. The curve factor will lead to a frustrating experience. It also breaks at the seam and will dent if hit off the end with a hard bat.  

I recommend this for batting practice and fun more than gameplay. 

Below is a description from the manufacturer . . . . 

Are you ready to step up your baseball game to the next level with a practical set of training balls? Perfect for use with both metal and wooden bats, these Premium Hard Training Balls are sure to improve your swing, develop some strength, and improve your overall game. These training balls have the authentic design of a wiffle ball and will allow you to practice your game just like your favorite big leaguers. This package comes with two curve balls so you can even work on your off-speed pitches. From little league to the big leagues, these training balls are perfect for players of all calibers and will allow you to step up your game to the next level.

  • Improve your overall game, and focus on your swing.
  • Designed for use with both aluminum and wooden bats.
  • Package includes 2 red curve balls, so you can practice your off-speed pitches and swings.
  • Classic wiffle ball design will help you develop strength.
  • Use the same training tools that the pros use.
  • Perfect for any baseball fanatics who want to improve their overall game.

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