Wiffle Ball Bat Review – Moonshot Bat

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The Wiffle Bat Review for the Moonshot Bat

– If you are serious about Wiffle Ball this is the bat for you. But it may hit your wallet harder than a Wiffle Ball.  The look, feel, pop, are excellent for this custom made Handcrafted bat made in Idaho Falls, ID. When I talked to the owner it was clear his passion was about Wiffle Ball. He was frustrated that there was no great bat for the sport and he wanted to create a bat that felt like a bat and produced excellent performance. He builds this bats in what he called the bat cave, they are made from a polycarbonate material. There is no question he has achieved his goals.  

We have two moonshot bat reviews to do, the first is the EFX REV2 2.75″ Barrel, the bat is white but can come in many colors. This bat is made from polycarbonate and is 35 inches long, you can custom order sizes, and if you want something different you just have too ask. It weighs about 11 ounces, so it is heavier than most Wiffle Ball Bats.   

This bat is allowed in many leagues such as Goldenstick Wiffle Ball which is defiantly a bonus and a credit to the product. 

Look and Feel – The first thing you notice when you unpack the Moonshot Bat is as you unpack the bat is it looks and almost feels like a Softball/Baseball Bat. The first thing you notice is there is a pre-gripped handle and a perfect knob at the bottom of the bat. 

The bat comes in several different forms, this particular bat has a nice smooth taper from the base of the handle to the end of the bat. The finish of the bat gives it an excellent look, you almost feel like you have stepped into a new zone with this type of bat. 

As you take your first swing you will notice how smooth and free the bat feels.     

Durability and Construction – If you are using the bat for pure wiffle ball, will wiffle balls only the bat is very durable. I have had mine for several years. This bat is not designed for the harder balls such as a blitz ball, solid wiffle balls or training balls the bat will not last long.  

Customization Possibilities – On the consumers end really there is not much you can do. However you can order the bat in a variety of colors, sizes, weights, and there are several different types of bats to choose from. You don’t need to do much if anything on your end. On one of my bats, I had my name and number put on the bat which was very cool.  

Performance – Whatever your style, this bat delivers. The long sweet spot that tapers quickly from the handle helps this bat deliver excellent power and the ability to rocket a ball to the gaps. I am not going to be mistaken for Barry Bonds, as a power hitter but I have hit many well over 140 feet with this bat. 

It is a little heavier, so you need to be prepared for that if you are used to the all plastic bats that have little if any real weight. I would go with a shorter version of the bat to quicken it through the zone as it can feel like it drags a bit with the longer barrel.        

The sound of the ball off the bat is an added bonus, so many plastic bats make a dull thump type of sound, but the moonshot delivers more of a powerful smacking type of sound.

Cost – There are several versions of the moonshot bat, and they range from $160 – $240 so this will sting the wallet a bit, it is the only negative for this bat. That said if you are into Wiffle Ball and have the disposable income this is a worthwhile investment.   

Total Bat Score:   21.5

  1. Look and Feel – 5
  2. Durability and Construction – 4
  3. Customization Possibilities – 5
  4. Performance – 4.5
  5. Cost – 3