It is just a backyard game . . . Right?

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Backyard Ball

Backyard Ball


Wiffleball is a game most all of us have played, as kids or adults. I started playing Wiffleball when I was a kid growing up on Cape Cod.  I have thousands of memories of long summer afternoons playing with my dad and my 'summer' friends. 

As inevitably happens, I moved on to other things.  Then in 2006 I went to The World Baseball Classics at Petco Field in San Diego.  Tucked in the outfield was a beautiful wiffleball field full of little kids.   Memories came flooding back. I was determined to hang on to them.   

I came home and build a wiffleball field in my backyard.  After a few summers, that wasn't cutting it so I sold my house and moved to a new one with a yard that had the room to build my dream Wiffleball Stadium. My gem was Little Ebbets Field, a replica of Ebbets Field.  I built the majority of the field myself.  The project was actually featured on NECN and in The Boston Globe. 

My family and I went on to host thousands of games, tournaments and charity events.

I wanted to share my story, so I wrote the book Backyard Ball.  This is a fun, how-to book filled with images, stories and more about a dozen years I spent playing Wiffle Ball and Building Fields.  Start your backyard fun today!

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Special thanks to WifflersDigest for the recognition. This e-book was initially designed to introduce rookie wiffleball players to the fundamentals of wiffle pitching (grips, arm angles, release points, etc). But "The WiffleBoy28 Pitching Program" goes far beyond instructional, it also features detailed tips on how to pitch around talented hitters. These tips of the trade are what make the e-book so unique and WELL worth the purchase. Thank you for purchasing! 
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